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The 28 Most Beautiful High School Campuses in Florida

 It's only a few weeks into the first semester of school, so we know plenty of students are already yearning to be back on vacation -- except, of course, those who go to one of the most beautiful high schools in the nation. Such is the case for many of our Aceable students in Florida , whose campuses are green, palm tree covered paradises complete with beautiful new buildings and top-notch amenities. These students are pretty lucky to attend schools that not only have high academic standards, but also exceptional facilities. Here's our ranking of the top-28 most beautiful high school campuses in Florida. Find out if your school made the list!

28. Mainland High School (Daytona Beach)

Built in 2006 with the help of a generous gift from alumnus and NBA All-Star Vince Carter, Mainland High School is an architechtural feat. Its five buildings look out over a magnificent courtyard so close to the ocean that you can smell the salt air.

mainland-high-school-daytona photo credit: Wikipedia.org

27. Academy of Environmental Science (Crystal River)

Nestled on the banks of the Salt River, the Academy of Environmental Science offers students the opportunity for hands-on learning in the incredible ecosystem that surrounds them. Students aren't far from the Gulf of Mexico or a number of lakes, and can even explore the Salt River via canoe!

academy-of-envriomental-science photo credit: Wikipedia.org

26. Miami Country Day School

Founded in 1938 with just a few buildings, Miami Country Day School has grown to encompass more than 13 facilities, including an aquatics center, athletic fields and media center with a broadcast studio.

miami-country-day-school photo credit: ScholasticBroadcasting.com

25. North Miami Senior High School

This large, modern high school is less than 10 years old and encompasses a media center, health clinic and up-to-date science labs. Most impressively, the school cafeteria was built so that everyone could get served in 10 minutes or less.

north-miami-senior-high-school photo credit: Ines Hegedus-Garcia/Flickr.com

24. Cardinal Gibbons High School (Fort Lauderdale)

Established in 1961 with just two buildings, Cardinal Gibbons High School has since expanded into 10 buildings, including a field house and science wing. The Roman Catholic school also has a chapel within the administration building that seats 300.

cardinal-gibbons-high-school photo credit: CGHSFL.org

23. Crystal River High School

Designed by BRPH in 2010, Crystal River High School boasts state-of-the art facilities, including a food court and media center. Elements like natural lighting helps reduce the school's carbon footprint, while security features improve the safety of students and staff.

crystal-river-high-school photo credit: Facebook.com/PirateCountry

22. Leon High School (Tallahassee)

This Tallahassee institution was founded in 1831, nearly 15 years before Florida was admitted to the Union, making it the oldest high school in the state. The building in which the school is currently housed was erected in 1937 and became a national historic landmark in 1993.

leon-high-school photo credit: Ray White/Leon66.org

21. Ronald W. Reagan/Doral Senior High School

Established in 2006, Reagan/Doral is just 10 years old, meaning students have access to relatively new amenities and facilities. The campus, a total of 20 acres, includes an 800-seat auditorium and ultramodern media center.

ronald-reagan-doral-high-school photo credit: SSR.DadeSchools.net

20. Charlotte High School (Punta Gorda)

In 2004, a Category 4 hurricane swept through Punta Gorda, causing damage to Charlotte High School. While the school's main building had to be reconstructed, architects at Harvard Jolly were able to preserve much of its original Neoclassical design. The three-story property was the first-ever high school in Charlotte County and now has a place on the U.S. Registry of National Historic Places.

charlotte-high-school photo credit: Ebyabe/Wikipedia.org

19. North Broward Preparatory School (Coconut Creek)

Located in sunny Coconut Creek, known as the Butterfly Capital of the World, North Broward Preparatory School offers students plenty of natural beauty to marvel at. The 80-acre campus includes fitness centers, swimming pools and dormitories.

north-broward-preparatory-school photo credit: BoardingSchoolReview.com

18. Strawberry Crest High School (Dover)

Designed by Long & Associates and built by The Beck Group in 2009, this stunning high school includes eco-friendly elements as well as hurricane protection areas. The school's unique name pays homage to the 50 acres of former strawberry fields on which it rests.

strawberry-crest-high-school photo credit: Twitter.com/TheSCHSChargers

17. Episcopal School of Jacksonville

Originally founded on a 28-acre piece of property known as the Keystone Estate, Episcopal School has since grown to encompass 56 acres. The riverfront campus includes a boat house, garden, chapel and 800-seat auditorium.

episcopal-school-of-jacksonville photo credit: Facebook.com/EpiscopalSchoolofJacksonville

16. Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (Jacksonville)

This Jacksonville school was named for the man who helped lead its construction, Douglas Anderson. In 1985, the institution became a school for the arts, and has since undergone two major renovations that included upgraded dance rooms, an art gallery and a theater.

douglas-anderson-school-of-the-arts photo credit: K12Academics.com

15. Palm Harbor University High School

Established in 1996, Palm Harbor University High was built for about 2,400 students, but soon the school's population grew and classrooms became cramped. After using portable classrooms for several years, Palm Harbor got a 56,000-sq-ft facility in 2015 designed by Creative Contractors in order to accommodate all its students.

palm-harbor-university-high-school photo credit: Dmytro Ponomarenko/Plus.Google.com

14. Mariner High School (Cape Coral)

This open-air school sets itself apart with two beautiful courtyards that provide students an outdoor space to gather or eat together. Renovations in 2011 helped make the school safer, more comfortable and more tech-friendly.

mariner-high-school photo credit: Serth D/Wikipedia.org

13. Lake Highland Preparatory School (Orlando)

This 42-acre campus located on Lake Highland is a cluster of stunning brick buildings with white trim and columns. The largest private school in Orlando, Lake Highland houses an aquatics center, black box theater and center for the arts.

lake-highland-preparatory-school photo credit: Facebook.com/LakeHighlandPreparatorySchool

12. Pine Crest School (Fort Lauderdale)

Pools, fountains and courtyards give Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale a luxurious feel. Among the institution's many facilities is the upper school academic center, which opened its doors just five years ago.

pine-crest-school photo credit: Ottawa80/Wikipedia.org

11. Trinity Preparatory School (Winter Park)

The students and faculty at Trinity Preparatory School aren't the only ones who call this 104-acre campus home. A family of sandhill cranes also reside on the Winter Park grounds. With Trinity's two lakes and abundant green space, it's easy to see why.

trinity-preparatory-school photo credit: Facebook.com/TrinityPrepFL

10. Saint Andrew's School (Boca Raton)

This 81-acre campus is adorned with beautiful fountains, bright buildings and an abundance of banyan trees. Though founded in 1961, the school has seen many new buildings and renovations over the years, including, more recently, a new rock climbing wall and outdoor track.

st-andrews-school-boca-raton photo credit: Dtobias/Wikipedia.org

9. Estero High School

This open-air high school with its Mediterranean-style buildings, stucco walls and prominent clock tower seems reason enough for students to look forward to coming to class every morning.

estero-high-school photo credit: Twitter.com/EsteroHS

8. Manatee High School (Bradenton)

The most famous feature of Manatee's campus is its Davis Building, originally erected in 1926. Eighty-four years later, the deteriorating structure was rebuilt, but architects kept the building's most beautiful elements, including its six white columns and brick facade.

manatee-high-school photo credit: Zeislofttaylor/Wikipedia.org

7. Berkeley Preparatory School (Tampa)

This 86-acre campus featuring Spanish Mission style buildings includes two libraries, a café with outdoor seating and a 634-seat theater. Though founded in 1960, Berkeley has continued to expand with new facilities, including a 75,000-sq-ft Center for the Arts and Sciences built in 2015.

berkeley-preparatory-school photo credit: Facebook.com/BerkeleyPrep

6. The Benjamin School (North Palm Beach)

The Benjamin School has come a long way since its humble beginnings in a three-car garage in North Palm Beach. The school's current campus, built at the turn of the 21st century, surrounds ponds, athletic fields and beautiful walkways.

the-benjamin-school photo credit: PrivateSchoolReview.com

5. Hillsborough High School (Tampa)

Though Hillsborough was established in 1882, making it one of the oldest institutions in the region, the school has been at is current home since 1928. Originally designed by prominent architect Francis J. Kennard, the school has since undergone many renovations and expansions, while staying true to its Gothic exterior.

hillsborough-high-school photo credit: Wikipedia.org

4. Miami Senior High School

Designed in the late 1920's by renowned architect Richard Kiehnel, Miami Senior High is a shining example of the Spanish Mediterranean building style. In fact, the school's beautiful archways, green courtyards and elegant theater have helped it earn a spot on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

miami-senior-high-school photo credit: FloridaTrust.org

3. The Bolles School (Jacksonville)

This 52-acre campus is gorgeous from end to end, but its crown jewel is Bolles Hall, which was built as the San Jose Hotel in 1925. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it now serves as dormitories for male students, as well as provides classroom and office space.

bolles-school photo credit: Bolles.org

2. Windermere Preparatory School

Bordering Cypress Lake, this Orange County campus is all palm trees, fountains and bright green grass. Encompassing 48 acres, Windermere's campus includes a swimming pool, tennis courts and café, among other amenities.

windermere-preparatory-school photo credit: WindermerePrep.com

1. Community School of Naples

This 80-acre campus surrounds plenty of green space, vegetation and multiple bodies of water. The patio overlooking the lake, pictured below, is a popular hangout spot for upper school students and gives them the chance to study in the sun.

community-school-naples photo credit: CommunitySchoolNaples.org

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